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Frequently Asked Questions:  

Where can I find coupons on

Do I have to be a member or subscribe to the newsletter to view coupons?

  • The coupons can be viewed by all users. However, you have to be logged onto your account to print and use them. Just go to My coupons to view offers.

How do I use my coupons?

  • Online coupons are valid in all participating Québec and Ontario Metro and Metro Plus stores. Limit of 1 coupon per user for the duration of the offer.

For how long are the coupons good?

  • Check the expiration date on a coupon to find out for how long it will be valid.

How often do new coupons come out?

  • New coupons come out every Thursday in Québec and every Thursday in Ontario

I clicked on “Print selection” but nothing happened. What do I do?

  • Check to see if you first made a selection and are in fact logged onto If you’re not logged on, you can see the coupons but you can’t print them.

Who do I contact if I can’t see the coupons?

How do I get personalised coupons?

  • Simply link your AIR MILES® card to your account in order for your new Just for Me page to display personalized coupons based on the purchases you make at Metro. Consult the Just for Me section of this FAQ to find out how.