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Frequently Asked Questions:  

How do I search for a recipe?

  • With the site’s general search tool, you can find specific recipes. The recipe section’s search tool allows more sophisticated searches by key word, category or popular food. You can always remove the search filter for more results.

What does the red tag in the list of recipe ingredients mean?

  • The red tag on one or more ingredients in the list means that there are one or more related flyer offers and that you will enjoy a rebate or promotion on the product(s) while the flyer is valid.

How do I add one or more items from the list of ingredients to my Metro shopping list?

To add an item to the shopping list, simply click on this icon ​. When you click on Add all, all of the recipe’s ingredients appear in your grocery list.

How do I remove an ingredient from my Metro shopping list?

 Simply click on the Remove icon displayed on the ingredient’s line (you also have to click on the ingredient ex.: 180 g (6 oz) fresh baby spinach and not on the word Spinach).

Items that were added as a block cannot all be removed in one shot. You have to remove them one by one.

How do I remove all of a recipe’s ingredients from my shopping list?

  • You can’t remove all the ingredients from the list with just one click. You have to remove the unwanted ingredients one by one.

How do I find recipes that are compatible with my dietary restrictions?

  • The recipe search by category offers a dedicated section for food preferences. Keep only the search filters that apply to your preference and click the X of those that don’t. The default display shows the filters for all preferences:
    • Tofu and other meat substitutes
    • Vegetarian cuisine
    • Diabetic menu
    • Gluten-free
    • Lactose-free
    • Nut-free, peanut-free desserts
  • All categories can be accessed from Recipes/Categories/All categories.

How can I rate a recipe?

  • Click the link in the upper right corner of every page to log on to your profile. Identify yourself. Now you can rate the recipe by click on the star you want

How do I print a recipe?

To print a Metro recipe, click the print icon ​ beside the name of the recipe. A new window will display the content to be printed. Click print icon again to start printing.

How do I share a recipe on social media?

  • Use the vertical posting toolbar on the right of each page. Select the desired medium and follow its steps for posting. To e-mail the recipe, complete the required fields and click SHARE. The e-mail will display the recipe’s address.