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How do I create a shopping list?

  • If it’s your first list, click on the My shopping list tab. The page has a video explaining how the list works. If you want to create your list without watching the video, click on Create my list.
  • If you are in your selected Metro flyer, click directly on the desired product then on Add to my shopping list. The item will be automatically added to your list.

How do I add items to my shopping list?

  • There are various ways of adding items to your list: from the flyer, recipes, menus, coupons, offers or the grocery list search.
  • The grocery list search allows you to add products by brand or product. For example, enter BREAD and you will get a selection of breads the site already knows. The chosen product will appear in the Bakery category of your list. An icon will inform you automatically if there is a coupon or offer for the product.
  • If you type in the product and click Enter or click on the add to my list icon, the product won’t be recognized and will be added to your list in the Other category.

How do I print my shopping list?

Click the Print icon.

  • You full list along with the related coupons and a reminder of the offers will be printed.
  • Note that only coupons never yet printed will be printed with your list.

How do I send my list electronically?

  • You can e-mail your grocery list by clicking the E-mail icon.
  • If you have an iPhone and drew up your grocery list while identified on, you can send your list from your phone by logging onto your Metro profile.

How can I add products to my shopping list from another flyer than that selected or displayed?

  • The shopping list shows the offers and promotions related to the flyer in effect. You can check out the offers and promotions in the coming flyer two days before it comes out. Click on Change flyer and select the flyer you want to see it.
  • If you want to check out another Metro store’s flyer, click on Change flyer then on Change store. The displayed flyer will change automatically.
  • You can also change the flyer displayed by clicking beside your profile name, select My settings and My store. Choose a new store. The flyer will change automatically. If you change the store in the footer’s white tab, the flyer will change automatically.

Why don’t I have my default store anymore?

  • You may have changed your store to view another store’s flyer, and that store will remain your default store until you change that setting.

Can I access my shopping list from my mobile phone or elsewhere than the terminal on which I created it?

  • Yes. You can access the shopping list whether or not you’re logged on. However it will be saved and available only if you created it while logged on to If you create your list without being identified, it’s saved only for the duration of that session.
  • You can also use the My Metro mobile application to access your shopping list. The application is available for both Apple and Android phone. Download the application from the App Store or Google play.

How do I add products from my usuals list to my shopping list?

  • From your Just for Me page, click on See all my usuals to see the products you frequently purchase. From this page you can add the products one by one to your shopping list or you can use the Add all button at the top of the page.