My Rewards

How do the rewards work?

The metro&moi rewards are automatically mailed 4 times a year. Members don’t have to do a thing. Rewards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Members can present their reward when they shop at Metro and apply it to their bill, just like a gift card.

How are the points valued?

Points are converted as follows: 500 points = $4 reward and $1 for each additional 125 points accumulated during the qualification period.

Is it normal for a member not to receive a reward?

Points are converted only if a member’s account has a minimum of 500 points at the end of the qualification period. Members who did not accumulate the required minimum carry their points forward to the next qualification period.

Must rewards be used in the same Metro store where the points were accumulated?

Rewards can be used in any participating Metro store irrespective of the customer’s usual store.

Can the reward be used even if the total purchase value is less than the reward’s?

Only rewards of equal or lesser value than the total purchase value are accepted.

When a reward is issued, can the amount be split into several rewards?

When a reward is issued, the amount cannot be split. Thus, members would receive a single reward for the full amount to which they are entitled.

Are rewards transferable?

Rewards are personal and exclusive use of the member who earned them. Plus, when redeeming their reward, members have to present their card or one of the key fobs.

Are rewards cumulative?

A member may use several rewards for the same transaction provided they are used within 12 months of their date of issue and that their total amount does not exceed the total purchase amount.

How can I recover my reward if it went astray in the mail because the address was wrong or I had moved?

If the mail is returned to Member services, when you use your metro&moi card at the cash, your cash register receipt will show the following message “YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IS WRONG. PLEASE CORRECT IT ON METRO.CA” requesting that you update your profile on

Can a reward be reissued if lost?

Unfortunately, once a reward has been sent out, it cannot be reissued.

Where a reward has been used, how is a returned product refunded?

Members who return a product for which they used a reward receive a cash refund. Metro reserves the right to subtract from a metro&moi member’s account the points earned in the returned product’s purchase or in a promotion involving the product.

Can rewards be e-mailed instead of mailed?

Rewards are solely mailed out 4 times a year to everyone on the same date. However, Metro may e-mail other special offers to members who provided their e-mail address.