Other Questions

What if I forget my card?

Keep your cash register receipt which will show the following notice “YOU WOULD HAVE ACCUMULATED x POINTS WITH THE METRO&MOI CARD”. Return within 14 days and present your receipts and your card at the service counter. The points shown on the receipt(s) will be entered in your account. Under no circumstances, can a card number be given verbally at the cash.

Why am I having problems to login to my online account?

Before you login to your account, make sure that you have created your Internet Access you’re your online account. (Subscribe).

To create the Internet Access for your account, please enter your card number (example : 606171123451234567890) in the Email Address field and the postal code in lower case and without spaces in the Password field (example: h1c1v6).

If you already have created your online account, enter your email adress and password in the appropriate fields. (My account)

If you are sure that you have the good access but you can’t login, make sure that your Internet navigator allows cookies. Here are the steps to follow to make sure these are authorized:

In Windows Internet Explorer 8+

  • In the Tools Menu, click on Internet Options
  • In the Internet Option window, choose the Privacy tab and click on Advanced
  • In the Advanced Privacy Settings window, make sure you check Third-party cookies

In Mozilla Firefox 3 +

  • In the Tools menu, click on Options
  • In the Options window, check the Accept cookies and Accept third party cookies

If you have completed all these steps and are still not able to connect, we invite you to contact Member services by filling in the form at the following page (Contact us (Quebec) / Contact us (Ontario)) or by telephone 1 (866) 595-5554.

Are members entitled to their bonus points if these are for an out-of-stock product?

Members may ask for a rain check. They can buy the product the next time they’re at the store and present the rain check at the cash to get the bonus points to which they are entitled.

Can accounts be combined?

Combining accounts can’t be done.

Can extra cards be issued?

You cannot get extra cards besides the 2 key fobs you received with your card.

Why didn’t I get an offer?

Sometimes customized offer coupons are sent to certain members based on their buying habits.

Why do I have to provide my e-mail address?

We want your e-mail address only so that we can send you information on the metro&moi program as well as special offers tied to your buying habits. Plus, providing it earns you an automatic 100-point bonus.

Do the key fobs work just like the card?

The key fobs work just like the card: they can be used to accumulate points and redeem metro&moi rewards.

Can a card be deactivated?

A card that has not been used in any purchases for 12 months is automatically deactivated. In this case, if you want to use your card, please contact Metro’s Customer Service Department.

Can a lost or damaged card be reissued?

The client has 3 options:


The member can request a replacement card directly in store by completing the metro&moi enrollment form. The member will receive a new card immediately.

En ligne

Request a card replacement online by accessing his or her account (My account), Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of card.

Contact Member Services

Communicate with Member Services by filling in the form at the following page (Contact us (Quebec)) or by telephone at 1 (866) 595-5554. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of card. The client will have a new card with a new number but the points and reward cheques will not be lost because the information will be transferred to the new card.

Can I cancel my metro&moi membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply fill out the membership cancellation form on-line at the bottom of theTerms and conditions page in the metro&moi section or contact Member services. Your account will be closed 30 days after receipt of your request, after which your metro&moi card and key fobs will be invalid.

Can I enrol in the program more than once to get bonus points?

No, it is important not to enrol in the program several times. First, it isn’t to the member’s advantage since it would slow down point accumulation and make it harder to reach the minimum threshold of 500 points. Second, keeping two long-term accounts is impossible, since the system would detect this situation and the points would not be transferred to a single account.