Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the metro&moiTM Program (the Program)

  • 1. The metro&moi Program is the property of Metro inc. (hereinafter referred to as Metro) that may at any time and without notice: (a) modify program elements; (b) refuse to issue a metro&moi card to a customer who fails to follow the registration procedures; and (c) in cases of reasonable doubt, withdraw or cancel the cards and accumulated rewards of members who have abused their privileges, refused to comply with Program terms and conditions or made a false statement.

    2. Metro reserves the right to terminate the Program on 90 days’ notice to its members. Accumulated points would be converted into rewards which members would have 30 days from the date of issue to redeem.

    3. All metro&moi Program participants must be 18 years old or older.

    4. Only one card per member. Several people living at the same address may share a membership card and its associated key fobs, all of which will be considered as a single card for the purposes of calculating points or issuing rewards.

    5. The metro&moi card is not a credit card. It is the property of Metro that may, at its sole discretion, revoke the card at any time.

  • 6. The Program is available in participating Metro and Metro Plus stores and any other store that Metro may, at its sole discretion, designate.

    7. Only natural persons may participate in the metro&moi Program; corporations, companies, joint ventures, partnerships, groups and associations are excluded.

    8. Program points and rewards cannot be transferred, converted into cash or sold. Points can be accumulated and rewards redeemed only on presentation of the card or associated key tags.

    9. Program members must advise Metro of any changes in their personal information. Metro reserves the right to cancel cards with incomplete or incorrect member information.

    10. Responsibility for reporting a lost or stolen metro&moi card to Metro belongs to the Program member. When a new card is issued, accumulated points will be automatically transferred to the new account. Metro is not liable for any account transactions that occur between a card’s loss or theft and when said loss or theft is reported to Metro.

Points Accumulation

  • 1. To get metro&moi points, members have to present the card at the cash, before the transaction’s end, when making a purchase at a participating store. If they’ve forgotten their card, they have to have their sales slip stamped at the courtesy counter before leaving the store. They have 14 days to return to the same store’s courtesy counter with their card and the stamped sales slip to get their points balance adjusted. Only validated (stamped) sales slips will be accepted.
  • 2. No points are given for purchases of the following products and services: tobacco products, lottery tickets, bus tickets, gift cards and other prepaid cards, stamps, postal services, dry cleaning, film and video game rentals, bottle and can deposits, SAQ products, and any items excluded in future or items forbidden by law. Metro&moi points will be issued to a Metro gift-card holder who uses it to pay for his/her purchases. Metro reserves the right at all times, to add or exclude, at its sole discretion, eligible items for metro&moi points.
  • 3. Metro&moi points accumulate at the rate of 1 point per dollar spent on an admissible purchase. Points are calculated on the total net amount before taxes shown on the sales slip. For promotional offers, Metro may offer bonus metro&moi points with the purchase of certain products.
  • 4. Product returns are handled according to Metro’s product return and exchange policy. Metro reserves the right to subtract from a metro&moi member’s account, the points earned in the returned product’s purchase or a promotion involving said product.
  • 5. Should a metro&moi member’s card not be used in any purchases over a period of 12 consecutive months or the member cancel the card, all accumulated points in the member’s metro&moi account will be automatically cancelled.


  • 1. Approximately every 3 months (4 times a year) on Metro-determined dates, metro&moi points will be converted into rewards in the form of coupons mailed directly to members by Metro. The form may change during the Program. 
  • 2. Points are converted only if members have a minimum of 500 points in their accounts by the end of the qualification period. Points will be converted as follows: 500 points = $4 reward and $1 for each additional 125 points accumulated during the qualification period. There is no maximum reward.
  • 3. Upon conversion, the points required for the maximum applicable reward under the Program are deducted from the member’s account. Unused points remain in the account and count for the next qualification period.
  • 4. Members who did not, during a qualification period, accumulate the minimum points required for a reward carry their points forward to the next qualification period.
  • 5. Program members must present their metro&moi card when redeeming their reward.
  • 6. When using reward coupons, members must apply the total reward to a transaction of a value equal to or greater than that of the reward coupon
  • 7. More than one reward coupon may be used for the same transaction.
  • 8. Rewards are valid for 12 months following the date issued.
  • 9. The terms and conditions of the reward coupons are on the coupons.

Price policy

metro&moi savings
In addition of m points, personalized coupons and rewards, you can get exclusive prices on selected products. To get these exclusive prices, members have to present the card at the cash, before the transaction’s end, when making a purchase at a participating store. Exclusives prices for metro&moi members are featured on labels of selected products.

Forgotten metro&moi card
Members need to have his sales slips stamped at the courtesy counter before leaving the store. They have 14 days to return to the same store’s courtesy counter with their card and the stamped sales slip to get the prices exclusives on selected products. Only validated (stamped) sales slip will be accepted.

Out-of-stock product
If a product is out-of-stock, members can ask for a rain check. They can buy the product the next time they’re at the store and present the rain check at the cash with their metro&moi card to get the price exclusive.

All terms and conditions of metro&moi program apply.


Metro ensures the confidentiality and security of all personnal information collected. We assure you that your personal information will never be transmitted to other parties other than Metro for marketing or solicitation purposes. Furthermore, we work in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act. For more details on this subject, please visit privacy page.

Metro Inc. can use the data collected at its discretion providing no personal information is transmitted and the security and confidentiality of the personal information is protected.

All necessary measures were taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in these terms and conditions. Metro rejects all liability arising from any error or omission.


If you want to cancel your metro&moi membership, simply fill out the membership cancellation form available here. Return it duly completed at the following address:
Customer Service Metro inc.
7151, Jean-Talon Est, 3ième étage
Anjou, Québec, H1M 3N8.
Your account will be closed 30 days after receipt of your request, after which your metro&moi card and key fobs will be invalid.