Useful tips

Here are a few tips
to get organized
this Fall.

Let's Get Organised !

Cooking large quantities at once can prove to be a challenge. Here are four steps for a smoother process:

  • Find recipes that you want to prepare.

    Then calculate the quantities you should buy and prepare a shopping list.

  • Establish your work plan.

    Shopping and cooking on the same day can sometimes be a bit much. Here’s a suggestion: do your shopping one day, wash, cut and measure ingredients the next day, then cook and freeze the day after.

  • Make sure you have everything you need.

    Do you have enough containers and freezer bags, as well as casserole dishes and freezer space?

  • Get some help.

    Cooking with your spouse, children or friends is a great way to share the work and the good times!


I Made It Myself !

There’s nothing better than homemade marinades, chutneys or other condiments. But for successful canning, there are a few precautions you should take.

  • Use recent recipes.

    Recipes found in old cookbooks may employ outmoded methods making them a risk to your health.

  • Do not modify the proportions of the recipe’s ingredients.

    Sugar, salt and vinegar, for instance, are key to food preservation.

  • Only use equipment designed for canning.

    Mason jars can withstand high temperatures, which is not the case with store-bought mayonnaise or pickle jars.


Cook In Large Quantities!

Why not double, triple or even quadruple your recipes, especially those that require long cooking times? Then freeze the rest of your meals in individual or family portions. No more stress when it comes to quick dinners, surprise visits or lunches.

One Ingredient, So Many Recipes

Whether it’s a fruit or vegetable in season or a special on meat, why not buy a large quantity and create a whole variety of recipes using the same ingredient? It’s a really good way to stock up for less!

My Recipe, Your Recipe

Our neighbour makes the best apple pie. My cranberry cinnamon muffins get rave reviews.” Save time and energy while adding a little variety to your menu by exchanging your best recipes. Even better, organize a baking afternoon with friends or colleagues.