Sustainable Fisheries

Metro acknowledges that sustainable fisheries and the preservation of natural resources are vital for future generations.


Metro's sustainable fisheries policy aims at providing fresh or frozen, wild and farmed seafood to customers in Quebec and Ontario.


Certain species of fish and seafood are worth discovering, not only for their taste and their nutritional value, but also because they come from good fishing or farming practices.

The traceability found on our labels

In order to help its customers make informed choices, Metro places great importance on posting information about the origin of the seafood products found on its shelves.


See FAQ for more details on the policy of sustainable fisheries Metro.

Our Commitment

Healthy species

Metro will only sell species that are scientifically proven to be present in sufficient quantities, and whose fishing rates are sustainable.

Sustainable operating methods

The fisheries and aquafarms supplying Metro will have to prove that they use sustainable fishing methods and good practices.

On product traceability

The supply chain from the fishing area to the consumer must be documented to allow for informative and transparent labeling.

Local economy and
labor law

Metro intends for its sustainable fisheries policy to help support small local fisheries.