The traceability on our labels

The traceability on our labels

In order to help its customers make informed choices, Metro places great importance on posting information about the origin of the seafood products found on its shelves.

Fresh products

Understanding the fishery's labels

The scientific name

Common names normally used, such as "tuna" can encompass a number of different species, some of which are being overfished (e.g. Bluefin tuna, Thon rouge, Thunnus thynnus) while others are not (e.g. Albacore tuna, Thon germon, Thunnus alalunga). Similar to buying plants or seeds for the garden, the scientific name is a means of confirming that we're talking about the right species.

The origin

For some species, stocks may be healthy in a given fishing area but overfished in others. This is the case, for example, with Atlantic cod, which is currently overfished in Canada, but not in Norway.

The fishing type

For a given species in a given fishing area, some fishing techniques have much less ecological impact than others (e.g. selective nets that avoid bycatch). These techniques must be promoted.

Private label frozen seafood products

Irresistibles and Selection private label frozen seafood products packaging now provide detailed information with respect to traceability: the common name, the scientific name, the zone or the country where it was fished or farmed, as well as the type of fishing involved.