Beer-braised Pot Cross Rib Roast

Beer-braised Pot Cross Rib Roast
  • 10 servings
  • 0:10 Preparation
  • 3:00 Cooking
  • 3:10 Total Time


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  • 5 lb
    (2 1/4 kg)

    cross rib roast

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • 2

    onions, coarsely chopped

  • 2

    garlic cloves, minced

  • 1 cup
    (250 mL)

    dark or pale beer

  • 1 cup
    (250 mL)

    beef broth

  • 1/2 tsp.
    (3 mL)

    ground nutmeg

  • 1

    bay leaf

  • 3

    peppercorns, crushed

  • 2 cups
    (500 mL)

    carrots,cut into chunks

  • 3

    parsnips, peeled and sliced

  • 20

    small red potatoes, cut in two

  • sufficient cornstarch mixed with cold water


Preheat oven to 325°F (170°C).

Salt and pepper roast, then brown it on all sides in a lightly oiled roasting pan.

Add onions, garlic, beer, beef broth, nutmeg, bay leaf and crushed peppercorns.

Cover and braise on the stove or in the oven until tender, about 3 hrs.

Thirty minutes before the end, add carrots, parsnips and potatoes.

Remove roast, bay leaf and vegetables. Thicken cooking juices with cornstarch-water mix. Bring to a boil.

Source: Metro

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