Mini Horse Meat Burgers with Mushrooms and Presqu’île Cheese

Mini Horse Meat Burgers with Mushrooms and Presqu’île Cheese
  • 6 servings
  • 0:30 Preparation
  • 0:20 Cooking
  • 0:50 Total Time


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  • 1 lb
    (500 g)

    ground horse meat

  • 3 onces
    (100 g)

    presqu'île cheese

  • 1

    carton quebec mushrooms (in season)

  • 1

    carton onion sprouts (sold with the alfafa sprouts)

  • 1


  • sufficient quantity, kaiser rolls

  • 3 Tbsp.
    (45 mL)


  • 1 tsp.
    (5 mL)

    smoked paprika

  • sufficient quantity, butter

  • sufficient quantity, Salt and pepper


Very finely chop the shallot.

Combine the horse meat and the shallot, season with salt and pepper.

Make small patties (slightly larger than the buns) and set aside in the refrigerator.

Slice the mushrooms.

Melt 1 Tbsp. butter in a pan. When it foams, add the mushrooms. Do not move the mushrooms around too much in the pan to allow them to caramelize. Season only when they are cooked.

Cook the mini patties on the barbecue or in the oven.

When you flip the patties, place a slice of cheese on top and let it melt.

Meanwhile, combine the mayonnaise and the smoked paprika.

Spread the mayo on the buns, place the patties and cheese and garnish with the mushrooms and onion sprouts.

Source: Metro