Smoked Salmon Roll with Green Beans

Smoked Salmon Roll with Green Beans
  • 4 servings
  • 0:20 Preparation
  • 0:00 Cooking
  • 0:20 Total Time


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  • 36

    green beans

  • 1/2 lb
    (225 g)

    old-fashioned white cheese or cream cheese

  • 2 Tbsp.
    (30 mL)

    finely cut fresh chives

  • Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

  • 4

    tomato or plain whole wheat tortillas

  • 6 oz
    (180 g)

    cold-smoked salmon

  • 1

    small red onion, in strips

  • 2

    tomatoes, sliced

  • sufficient quantity, extra-virgin olive oil

  • fleur de sel or maldon salt or guerande salt to taste


In a saucepan with boiling salted water, cook the green beans for 5 to 6 minutes or until they're crunchy.

Drain and plunge into ice water; drain again and dry well.

In a small bowl, mix the cheese with the chives. Season with salt and pepper and mix well.

On a work surface, place the tortillas.

Divide the cheese and spread up to the edges of each tortilla.

Place the beans on the front part of each tortilla and the smoked salmon in the center.

Place the red onion strips on the salmon and then roll up each tortilla.

Slice the tortillas on the diagonal and serve with slices of ripe tomato. Drizzle some olive oil, grind some pepper and sprinkle some fleur de sel.

Source: Metro

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