Vegetable Roll Sushi

Vegetable Roll Sushi
  • 4 servings
  • 0:30 Preparation
  • 0:00 Cooking
  • 0:30 Total Time


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  • sushi rice (sushi-meshi recipe no 5649)

  • carrot, julienned and blanched

  • cucumber, julienned

  • shiitake mushrooms caps, julienned and brushed with soy sauce

  • nori sheets

  • wasabi

  • Pickled ginger

  • soy sauce


Lay a nori sheet on the bamboo rolling mat, shiny side down.

Pressing with dampened fingers, spread some rice over the nori, leaving a strip uncovered at the bottom.

Place some julienned vegetables on the uncovered strip.

Holding vegetables in place with fingers, use mat to tightly roll sushi.

Using a very sharp knife, even out ends and cut roll into pieces.

Serve sushi with pickled ginger, wasabi and a small shallow bowl of soy sauce.

Source: Académie Culinaire

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