White Stock (Poultry)

White Stock (Poultry)
  • 8 cups
  • 0:20 Preparation
  • 2:00 Cooking
  • 2:20 Total Time


Add all
  • 1 kg

    poultry bones or carcass

  • 1

    leek, cut into big pieces

  • 1

    onion, cut into wedges

  • 3

    celery, cut into big pieces

  • 4

    carrots, peeled and cut into pieces

  • 12 cups
    (3 L)

    cold water

  • 1

    bouquet garni (parsley, thyme and bay leaves tied together)

  • 5


  • 1

    clove (optional)


Clean bones or carcass and rinse thoroughly under cold running water.

Crush coarsely.

Put bones or carcass and water in a stockpot, and bring to a boil. Skim off scum that floats to the top.

Without stirring, add vegetables, bouquet garni and spices.

Simmer uncovered over low heat for 11/2 to 2 hours.

Strain through a fine sieve and keep in the refrigerator.

Source: Académie Culinaire