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Just a quick glance at METRO's Miches et délices counter is enough to convince you of the quality, freshness and great variety of wholesome products just waiting to be enjoyed.

The first thing you will notice is the wonderful aroma of fresh baked breads of all kinds … whole wheat, flax seed, multi-grain, olive oil, cheese, enriched white bread with cinnamon, raisins, fruits, nuts… For breakfast, lunch or dinner, there's bread for everyone, anytime, all the time!

METRO's Merite Bakery division carries more than 500 products and is constantly adding new items to their list to reflect changing trends and consumer demand. Your METRO bakery experts are proud of the consistent quality of their products. The secret is simple: deal with the best suppliers, buy only top-quality ingredients and conduct regular taste testing to provide customers with the best quality-to-price ratio in the business.

Give in to temptation: A new selection of artisan breads awaits you at your Metro bakery!

A new selection of Irresistibles artisan breads is now available at your Metro bakery. These breads, made without preservatives and using top quality ingredients, are a delicious addition to our line of Metro brand breads.

Cooking in a hearth oven gives Irresistibles breads their unique character and richness: a cream-coloured, moist, light, airy texture and a golden, crackly crust.

It takes time…

The secret to top quality breads like Irresistibles breads is the meticulous choice of ingredients such as premium quality, unbleached, unprocessed flour and sea salt. A long fermentation period is the only way to truly do justice to the flavour of these refined ingredients. The quality of the bread – taste, texture, preservation and digestibility – is directly proportional to the length of the fermentation process. The shorter the fermentation period (requiring a higher amount of yeast), the less flavourful the bread and the quicker it will go stale.

Is your mouth watering yet? During your next visit to Metro, explore our new varieties of Irresistibles breads including Parisian, Ciabatta, Belgian and multigrain Belgian, baguette and round bread.

Baguette 101

Long, thin, golden and crusty, the baguette, emblematic of France, was first introduced as "festive" bread. In the past, French bakers would bake large country breads with dense crumb that would keep for several days so that people would not have to run to the bakery every day.

The modest size of the baguette, between 200 and 250 grams, was designed as a daily food product to be eaten within 24 hours of purchase. You should never complain that a baguette does not stay fresh very long: it was never meant to keep more than a day.

The size of a baguette can vary but basically the dough is rolled and stretched to form a long stick about 70cm long and 6cm in diameter. The top is usually slashed diagonally five or six times before the bread is placed in the oven.

The perfect baguette has a regular, well-developed shape, crisp golden crust, pleasant taste and it will stay nice and fresh …for one whole day!

Culinary tips and advice

  •  To give new life to stale, crusty bread, simply sprinkle a little water on it, wrap it in foil and place it in a 195ºC (375º F) oven for five minutes. The crust will become crisp again and the inside crumb nice and moist!
  • In the morning, make your sandwiches with frozen slices of bread. Your food will stay cool and be ready to eat by lunchtime!

Sunny breakfast breads!

A tall glass of fresh fruit juice, a steaming hot cup of coffee, a piece of cheese and warm toasted Irresistible raisin bread, cinnamon-apple bread, field berry or cranberry bread, maybe even maple bread? There's no better way to start the day!

The entire selection of METRO's Irresistible breakfast and snack breads has been carefully created to satisfy children and adults alike. Each of these savoury breads deserves a try; the hardest part will be choosing just one!