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Where does flour come from? Flour is obtained by grinding wheat or other cereal grains such as rye, spelt, Kamut, oats, buckwheat and barley. A combination of flours can be used to make bread. This is what is known as “multigrain” bread, which generally contains 80% wheat flour and a maximum of 20% mixed grains. Most multigrain breads are made with 3 or 4 types of grains but some can contain as many as 16 different grains! Metro’s Irresistible 16-grain organic bread for instance!

Leavened breads are made mostly of cereals like wheat that contain a great deal of gluten, the protein that gives bread dough its elasticity. The cereal used determines the flavour of the bread: oat flour, buckwheat flour or spelt flour will produce oat bread, buckwheat bread and spelt bread.

It is also important to use the highest quality wheat or cereal because the richer the wheat or cereal, the more gluten it contains. Because it is the quality of the gluten that makes all the difference, the bread will be that much better!

METRO’s bakery counters are filled with breads made from a large variety of grain flours, including all-purpose, pre-sifted, unbleached, gluten, wheat, pastry flour, enriched bran flour, as well as many flours obtained from different cereals. The choice is endless!