In Quebec, there are 65 bison breeders for a total livestock of 3,000 heads. Farm-raised bison destined for the meat market are found mostly in the Outaouais, Abitibi, Bas-St-Laurent and Gaspé regions. Since December of 2001, the Union Québécoise du bison and the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA), now work together.


Large-scale commercialisation of bison meat began about five years ago. Every stage of breeding, from the farm to the slaughterhouse, is subject to strict federally-regulated controls to guarantee exceptional meat from animals that are raised on hormone-free and antibiotic-free feed.

Your METRO butcher is pleased to share his secrets for the best methods of cooking bison to perfection, the spices that heighten the taste of bison meat, the different cuts and the best ways to prepare them, the quantities to purchase and of course, the nutritional value and storage life of bison.

Recipe Suggestions

Bison Bourguignon
Traditional Layered Meat Pie
Ground Bison Tournedos with Black Pepper and Coffee
Buffalo Sirloin with Maple-Cider Sauce
Empanadas de bison

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