Cook With Apples

Cook with apples

Locally-grown apples are finally here! We love them in so many ways. Naturally low in calories, apples are packed with fibres and antioxidants. An apple’s skin is the part of the fruit that’s richest in beneficial nutrients try leaving it when preparing dishes, desserts and applesauce.



Discover the different types of apples

Depending on the variety, the skin of the apple can be firm, slightly firm, crunchy, sweet or slightly tart. The variety of apple will dictate its colour, shape, and texture.

Apples Flavour Try Them

Sweet, moderately tart, very
tender and juicy

As is, baked, as a compote,
in a pie


Tart, sweet, fragrant, firm,
crunchy and juicy

As is, baked, as a compote,
in a pie


Very crunchy, juicy, very sweet,
aromatic and slightly acidic

As is, baked, in a pie


Honey flavour, crunchy
and juicy

As is


Sweet, slightly tart, tender
and juicy

As is, baked, as a compote,
in a pie


Moderately tart, sweet,
fragrant and juicy

As is, baked, in a pie


Crunchy, juicy
and sweet

As is, baked, as a compote,
in a pie


Sweet, moderately tart,
firm and very juicy

As is, baked, in a pie


Our nutritionist's tips

Some studies have shown that consumers who regularly eat apples are less
likely to suffer from diabetes and heart diseases, and have a smaller waistline.
The most beneficial nutrients of apples are found in their skin. Thus, for
maximum nutritional value, avoid peeling the apples before using them in your
dishes, desserts, and compotes.

Linda Montpetit,
Metro Nutritionist


All the goodness of apples

 Antioxidants to fight heart diseases and cancer

 Pectin to lower cholesterol

 Cellulose to help control appetite
   Few calories and little sugar

 Potassium and fibre




Colourful Applesauce

To add beautiful colour to your applesauce, don't peel the apples. Just core and coarse chop them and place in a saucepan with a little water. Cook on low heat until apples are tender.

A New Idea For Tasty Snacks

For a delicious, easy-to-carry snack, think dried apples. Core the apples and slice into circles. Sprinkle with lemon juice and place in a very low oven for 6 to 8 hours.

Dessert With A Kick

To add zip to your muffins or cake recipes, replace half the fat with homemade unsweetened applesauce or with applesauce.



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