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Great tips from our experts to give you better fuel for life. DIscover the new program, My healthy plate ! with Metro.

  • Health tips

  • Organic Food

    Aliments bio

    Organic farming means raising food plants and animals without using any chemical products, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics and hormones while supporting sustainable methods like crop rotation. Did you know that cropland has to be chemical-free for at least 3 years before being used for organic ...

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  • Vegetarian


    Low-cost legumes are truly a nutritional goldmine. First, they are low in fat (with the exception of peanuts) and, like all plants, contain no cholesterol. They are generally a very high source of soluble food fibre, the same kind of fibre found in oats and known to lower blood cholesterol.

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  • Nutrition and good health

    Alimentation et bien être

    You lead an active life? Then you should adjust your diet accordingly. And what to do when food allergies are a concern.

    You will learn all you need to know about storing and freezing food, recommendations about weight-reducing diets and even discover some beauty tips. You will also ...

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  • In shape