Fruit Punch Cocktail
3.99 CAD
3.49 CAD 2024-07-03T23:59:59-04:00 Taste the difference tradition makes with Allen’s Fruit Punch Cocktail. Bursting with an orchard of fresh fruit flavours, this mixed fruit punch is a Canadian family favourite. For school lunches, afternoon breaks, or any time you’re craving a refreshing fruit drink, the delicious blend of natural and artificial flavours in these convenient juice boxes delivers pure pleasure in every sip. Shelf stable; 2-day shelf life in the refrigerator after opening. Allen's 056412708058
Allen's Fruit Punch Cocktail 8x200 mL

Fruit Punch Cocktail

8x200 mL
Regular price $3.99  ea.
$3.49  ea.
$0.22 /100ml
Valid until July 3, 2024
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Allen's Fruit Punch Cocktail 8x200 mL

Fruit Punch Cocktail



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