Cold-Pressed Juice
5.99 CAD Nobody likes to be rejected, not even food. Loop Mission comes to the rescue of the outcasts of the food industry. They rescue imperfect fruit and vegetables and turn them into delicious cold-pressed juices. Every sip is packed with nutrients and helps fight food waste. Morning Glory cold-pressed juice contains clementine, orange and strawberry. Loop Mission 056719900063
Morning Glory Cold-Pressed Juice 355 mL
Loop Mission

Cold-Pressed Juice, Morning Glory

355 mL
$5.99  ea.
$1.69 /100ml
Alcoholic products are available for pickup between 7am and 11pm.
Morning Glory Cold-Pressed Juice 355 mL

Cold-Pressed Juice, Morning Glory



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Good Source of Calcium

Very High Source of Vitamin C

Source of Iron