Non-Alcoholic Dutch Lager Beer
13.99 CAD
12.99 CAD 2024-07-31T23:59:59-04:00 Great Taste, Zero Alcohol. Crafted by the master brewers for the beer drinker that is unwilling to compromise on taste. Heineken 0.0 is a non-alcoholic beer that delivers all of the quality you expect from Heineken, with only 50 calories per 250mL bottle and 3 grams of sugar. At 0.0% ABV, Heineken 0.0 is truly a non-alcoholic beer that still has the great taste of a beer! Tasting notes: A well-balanced, alcohol free beer with refreshing fruity notes and a soft malty body. Food pairing suggestions: Cheese - Soft delicate cheeses like ricotta or cream havarti. Main - Spicy food, like Pad Thaï. Snacks - Try with something spicy, battered or fried like chicken wings, or spicy Agedashi Tofu. ABV: 0.0% Heineken 072890005885
0.0 Non-Alcoholic Dutch Lager Beer 6x330 mL - cans

Non-Alcoholic Dutch Lager Beer, 0.0

6x330 mL - cans
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0.0 Non-Alcoholic Dutch Lager Beer 6x330 mL  - cans

Non-Alcoholic Dutch Lager Beer, 0.0



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