Hamburger Buns
4.29 CAD Villaggio Crustini Hamburger Buns are soft, hearty, and baked without artificial colours or flavours. Perfect for family barbecues and everyday meals, these cornmeal-topped buns are a tasty complement to savoury burgers and sandwiches. Irresistibly good, they bring the warmth and simple pleasure of the village bakery to your table. Villaggio 068721003526
Crustini Hamburger Buns 8 un

Hamburger Buns, Crustini

8 un
$4.29  ea.
$0.54 /un.
Alcoholic products are available for pickup between 7am and 11pm.
Crustini Hamburger Buns 8 un

Hamburger Buns, Crustini



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