Sausage Sticks
7.99 CAD Experience savoury meat flavour in a handy, portable snack with Schneiders Hot Rod Sausage Snacks. These sweet-and-salty dried meat sticks are fermented and dried for the ideal amount of time to create a delightful jerky-like texture. Premium cuts of beef and chicken perfectly seasoned with a blend of spices make these sausage snacks a delicious treat. Requiring no refrigeration, Schneiders Hot Rod sausage sticks are a satisfying snack during outdoor activities such as hiking, or while at home or at work. Schneiders 062000101118
Hot Rod Sausage Sticks 20x8 g

Sausage Sticks, Hot Rod

20x8 g
$7.99  ea.
$4.99 /100g
Alcoholic products are available for pickup between 7am and 11pm.
Hot Rod Sausage Sticks 20x8 g

Sausage Sticks, Hot Rod



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