Trio of Dry Salami
8.49 CAD
6.99 CAD 2024-07-17T23:59:59-04:00 Enjoy a taste of today’s dolce vita with the Fantino & Mondello Charcuterie Trio. This trio of thinly sliced salamis is prepared in the traditional way—unhurried and with only the highest quality ingredients. This variety pack of parmesan pepper glazed dry salami, red wine dry salami and spicy calabrese dry salami comes conveniently sliced in a resealable package for easy serving and storage. Make these meats the highlight of your modern charcuterie board when entertaining or use them in savoury sandwiches or as premium pizza toppings. Made with Canadian pork and no gluten or trans fats, this charcuterie meat trio is a satisfying source of protein and a delicious addition to any of your favourite dishes. Fantino & Mondello 629002071537
Fantino & Mondello Trio of Dry Salami 100 g
Fantino & Mondello

Trio of Dry Salami

100 g
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Fantino & Mondello Trio of Dry Salami 100 g

Trio of Dry Salami



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