Dry Pepperoni
8.49 CAD
https://product-images.metro.ca/images/h26/h45/12192390053918.jpg Bring bold Italian flavours to your kitchen with Fantino & Mondello Sliced Dry Pepperoni. This deli meat is seasoned with care, then slowly dry cured the traditional Italian way. Enjoy the pepperoni slices as a charcuterie meat, stacked with other cold cuts as a sandwich meat, or use the sliced pepperoni for delicious homemade pizzas. This dried meat is pre-sliced and comes in a convenient resealable bag for easy storage. Fantino&Mondello 629002072336
Fantino&Mondello Dry Pepperoni 200 g

Dry Pepperoni

200 g
$8.49  ea.
$4.25 /100g
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Fantino&Mondello Dry Pepperoni 200 g

Dry Pepperoni



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