Frozen Potato Pancakes
5.99 CAD McCain Potato Pancakes bring everyone to the breakfast table with a tempting blend of real shredded potatoes and light seasoning. Perfect as a quick and delicious side dish, the secret ingredient in a special brunch recipe, or simply on their own, McCain potato pancakes cook up golden and crispy in your air fryer, on your stovetop, or in the oven. Lightly seasoned with onions and spices for a classic savoury flavour everyone will love, these quick potato pancakes cook up from frozen in as few as 9 minutes, depending on your method of preparation. Made with specially selected potatoes and simple ingredients, these easy potato pancakes contain no artificial flavours, hydrogenated oils, trans fat or cholesterol. Breakfast will never be the same once you add this classic potato dish to the menu. McCain 055773031782
Breakfast Frozen Potato Pancakes 600 g

Frozen Potato Pancakes, Breakfast

600 g
$5.99  ea.
$1.00 /100g
Alcoholic products are available for pickup between 7am and 11pm.
Breakfast Frozen Potato Pancakes 600 g

Frozen Potato Pancakes, Breakfast



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