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Advice From My Butcher

Advice From my Butcher

Discover ideas and types of meat available at Metro in the butcher's section!
So, you'd like to try a new cut of meat? Your Metro butcher is here to answer all your questions! From assistance with your selection to offering culinary tips and advice on cooking, your butcher has the answers!

To simplify your search in this section, your Metro butcher has divided the meats into these categories.

Red Grill Angus beef, exclusive to Metro!

Advice from my Butcher: Red Grill Angus beef

Here are four great reasons to enjoy Red Grill Angus beef:

  • Red Grill Angus beef is aged a minimum of 14 days, which makes it exceptionally tender. Like fine wines, beef improves with age and special care!
  • Red Grill Angus beef is perfectly marbleized. It is filled with thin filaments of fat that melt while cooking, which ensures incomparable flavour and tenderness.
  • Only 20% of all Angus beef make the Red Grill cut because they meet all the strict standards of breeding, marbling, texture, colour and ageing.
  • And everyone knows that Canadian beef is renowned worldwide for its quality.

Exclusive to Metro, this beef is tender and its exceptional taste makes it the unanimous choice of all connoisseurs!

Metro has always been known as the food chain that offers the best quality meat on the market.


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