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Snacks Free of Priority Allergens

Back-to-school season means lunch boxes and snacks. For parents with kids who have allergies, this can be a stressful time full of challenges. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you:

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At the grocery store

When you’re picking snacks, make sure to read the label before purchasing a product (the recipe can change at any time). Canada’s labelling laws are clear: priority allergens must be listed.

However, the “may contain” statement is not mandatory despite the fact that it is the only way manufacturers can use to warn consumers that their product potentially or accidentally contains an allergen.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulates the process and requires that these warnings be precise, easy-to-understand, and inform consumers of a real danger of cross contamination .

At school

Even though several schools now ban peanuts and nuts, many other foods can cause allergic reactions. It’s important to teach your kids to recognize which foods to avoid and to let them know they shouldn’t be sharing food with other kids at school. Make sure your kid is also aware of how to avoid coming into contact with an allergen.

Here are a few tips:


• Wash your hands with warm soapy water before and after meals

• Use a placemat from home at lunch or clean the table surface

• Only eat foods prepared at home

• Don’t share food, beverages, plates, utensils, bottles

• Use an insulated container (Thermos) rather than the microwave oven.



At home

Get your kid to help you when you’re preparing their snacks! Here are a few ideas for snacks without any priority allergens that kids of all ages will love:

• Dip apple slices or celery sticks in seed butter (sunflower for instance)

• Discover the vegan cheese without dairy or nuts to replace cheese in your favorite snacks;

• Prepare plain popcorn and sprinkle some of their favourite flavours on top: lime zest and thyme or a bit of oil and cinnamon for instance

• Make a frozen fruit and coconut-based beverage smoothie

• Try homemade kale chips. Simply baste a bit of olive oil on top of some kale leaves and add salt and lemon juice before baking for a few minutes

• Top applesauce with homemade granola for a quick and healthy snack

• Bake delicious banana and chocolate bars, a treat for the whole family.

For more information on good practices regarding food allergies at school, visit the Allergy Quebec website.

In collaboration with Allergy Quebec

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