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  • If you have a account, sign in and select Flyer and Coupons from the main menu. Then click on See this week’s flyer.
  • The current flyer for your Metro store will be displayed.
  • You can also see the flyer even if you don’t have a account. Simply click on Flyer and Coupons and select your store to see your store’s flyer. Then click on See this week’s flyer.

Yes, you can check out the upcoming flyer one day before it comes into effect. Click on See upcoming flyer when available.

Yes. Go to the store details page and click on the flyer image. The flyer for this specific store will be displayed.

  • When accessed from a desktop, navigation by page is available at all times, but you can also use the grid view to filter flyer deals by category. Only products in that category will be shown.
  • When accessed from a tablet or mobile device, the navigation by page is available.

Click on the product for details then click on Add the product. The product will be added.

The flyer is in effect for seven days, from Thursday to Wednesday of the following week.

  • Yes, on a desktop computer you can browse offers by categories when you are in grid view.
  • Unfortunately, this functionality is not yet available when browsing the flyer on a tablet or mobile devices.

Add your AIR MILES® Card to your account to get your personalized flyer deals. They’ll be displayed on your Just for Me page based on products you’ve previously bought at Metro. Consult the Just for Me section in this FAQ to learn more.