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Metro Lakeshore 101 Lakeshore Rd. St. Catharines ON

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Online Pharmacy Service





Drug Basics Pharmacy280 Harwood Avenue South
Ajax  L1S 2J1
Phone number: (905) 428-9292
Fax number: (905) 428-8228


Drug Basics Pharmacy555 Essa Road
Barrie  L4N 9E6
Phone number: (705) 719-2311
Fax number: (705) 719-7244


Pharmacy at Metro110 North Front Street
Belleville  K8P 3B6
Phone number: (613) 962-0545
Fax number: (613) 962-7216
Drug Basics Pharmacy470 Dundas Street East
Belleville  K8N 1E9
Phone number: (613) 967-4785
Fax number: (613) 967-8490


Drug Basics Pharmacy286 Chatham St. N.
Blenheim  N0P 1A0
Phone number: (519) 676-2623
Fax number: (519) 676-5287


Pharmacy at Metro243 King Street East
Bowmanville  L1C 3X1
Phone number: (905) 623-4447
Fax number: (905) 623-3304


Pharmacy at Metro20 Great Lakes Drive
Brampton  L6R 2K7
Phone number: (905) 789-6464
Fax number: (905) 789-8222
Pharmacy at Metro25 Peel Centre Drive
Brampton  L6T 3R5
Phone number: (905) 793-0600
Fax number: (905) 793-2588


Pharmacy at Metro371 St. Paul Avenue East
Brantford  N3R 4N5
Phone number: (519) 758-0300
Fax number: (519) 758-0559


Pharmacy at Metro2010 Appleby Line
Burlington  L7L 6M6
Phone number: (905) 331-0060
Fax number: (905) 331-7815
Drug Basics Pharmacy3365 Fairview Street
Burlington  L7N 3N9
Phone number: (905) 634-2391
Fax number: (905) 634-4388


Drug Basics Pharmacy95 Water Street North
Cambridge  N1R 3B5
Phone number: (519) 622-6868
Fax number: (519) 622-9662


Pharmacy at Metro640 First Street Extension
Collingwood  L9Y 4Y7
Phone number: (705) 446-2002
Fax number: (705) 446-3380


Pharmacy at Metro119 Osler Drive
Dundas  L9H 4B6
Phone number: (905) 628-5288
Fax number: (905) 628-9544


Drug Basics Pharmacy232 Arthur St. S.
Elmira  N3B 2P2
Phone number: (519) 669-3003
Fax number: (519) 669-0138


Pharmacy at Metro367 Mountainview Road South
Georgetown  L7G 5X3
Phone number: (905) 702-1131
Fax number: (905) 702-0693


Pharmacy at Metro500 Edinburgh Road South
Guelph  N1G 4Z1
Phone number: (519) 763-3552
Fax number: (519) 763-4118
Drug Basics Pharmacy222 Silvercreek Parkway North
Guelph  N1H 8E8
Phone number: (519) 766-4666
Fax number: (519) 766-9757


Pharmacy at Metro751 Upper James Street South
Hamilton  L9C 3A1
Phone number: (905) 575-7755
Fax number: (905) 575-9020
Drug Basics Pharmacy2500 Barton Street East
Hamilton  L8E 4A2
Phone number: (905) 578-5454
Fax number: (905) 578-7800
Pharmacy at Metro1161 Barton St. E.
Hamilton  L8H 2V2
Phone number: (905) 545-7796
Fax number: (905) 545-3243


Drug Basics Pharmacy1300 Bath Road
Kingston  K7M 4X4
Phone number: (613) 549-6161
Fax number: (613) 549-2882


Drug Basics Pharmacy370 Highland Road West
Kitchener  N2C 3C7
Phone number: (519) 578-4343
Fax number: (519) 578-5885
Drug Basics Pharmacy1405 Ottawa Street North
Kitchener  N2A 1H3
Phone number: (519) 894-8282
Fax number: (519) 894-9022
Drug Basics Pharmacy655 Fairway Road South
Kitchener  N2C 1X4
Phone number: (519) 896-3100
Fax number: (519) 896-3400


Pharmacy at Metro1030 Adelaide Street North
London  N5Y 2M9
Phone number: (519) 672-9205
Fax number: (519) 672-9266
Pharmacy at Metro395 Wellington Road
London  N6C 4P9
Phone number: (519) 680-2375
Fax number: (519) 680-2177
Pharmacy at Metro1244 Commissioners Road West
London  N6K 1C7
Phone number: (519) 641-4646
Fax number: (519) 641-4949
Drug Basics Pharmacy1200 Commissioners Road East
London  N5Z 4R3
Phone number: (519) 668-1717
Fax number: (519) 668-0990
Drug Basics Pharmacy509 Commissioners Road
London  N6J 1Y5
Phone number: (519) 471-3699
Fax number: (519) 471-3488


Pharmacy at Metro1050 Kennedy Circle
Milton  L9T 0J9
Phone number: (905) 878-3111
Fax number: (905) 878-3339


Pharmacy at Metro910 Southdown Road
Mississauga  L5G 2Y4
Phone number: (905) 823-4900
Fax number: (905) 823-2100
Pharmacy at Metro2225 Erin Mills Parkway
Mississauga  L5K 1T9
Phone number: (905) 829-8929
Fax number: (905) 829-2678
Pharmacy at Metro3221 Derry Road West
Mississauga  L5N 7L7
Phone number: (905) 785-8300
Fax number: (905) 785-6447
Drug Basics Pharmacy2550 Hurontario Street
Mississauga  L5B 1N5
Phone number: (905) 272-2828
Fax number: (905) 272-4004


Pharmacy at Metro35 Alkenbrack Street
Napanee  K7R 4C4
Phone number: (613) 354-2882
Fax number: (613) 354-2322


Pharmacy at Metro16640 Yonge Street, Unit #1
Newmarket  L3Y 4V8
Phone number: (905) 853-7100
Fax number: (905) 853-6300
Pharmacy at Metro1111 Davis Drive
Newmarket  L3Y 8X2
Phone number: (905) 954-1515
Fax number: (905) 954-1414


Drug Basics Pharmacy3770 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls  L2H 3K3
Phone number: (905) 356-1100
Fax number: (905) 356-1300


Pharmacy at Metro390 Lakeshore Drive
North Bay  P1A 2C7
Phone number: (705) 840-2999
Fax number: (705) 840-5900


Pharmacy at Metro20 Church Ave.
North York  M2N 0B7
Phone number: (416) 229-6200
Fax number: (416) 229-1300


Pharmacy at Metro1011 Upper Middle Road East
Oakville  L6H 4L2
Phone number: (905) 849-4440
Fax number: (905) 849-7522
Drug Basics Pharmacy478 Dundas Street West
Oakville  L6H 6Y3
Phone number: (905) 257-5400
Fax number: (905) 257-5600
Pharmacy at Metro1A-280 North Service Rd. W.
Oakville  L6M 2S2
Phone number: (905) 337-7694
Fax number: (905) 337-8287


Pharmacy at Metro70 Front Street North
Orillia  L3V 4R8
Phone number: (705) 323-9334
Fax number: (705) 323-9664
Drug Basics Pharmacy975 West Ridge Boulevard
Orillia  L3V 8A3
Phone number: (705) 325-3257
Fax number: (705) 325 7837


Pharmacy at Metro53 Quinte Street
Quinte West  K8V 3S8
Phone number: (613) 394-2525
Fax number: (613) 394-2545


Drug Basics Pharmacy1070 Major Mackenzie Dr. East, #A
Richmond Hill L4S 1P3
Phone number: (905) 884-3400
Fax number: (905) 884-5800


Pharmacy at Metro1375 London Road
Sarnia  N7S 1P6
Phone number: (519) 542-1551
Fax number: (519) 542-5885
Drug Basics Pharmacy191 Indian Road South
Sarnia  N7T 3W3
Phone number: (519) 337-1500
Fax number: (519) 337-5800


Drug Basics Pharmacy701 Pine Street
Sault Ste. Marie  P6B 3G2
Phone number: (705) 945-8725
Fax number: (705) 945-9143
Pharmacy at Metro248 Northern Avenue East
Sault Ste. Marie  P6B 4H6
Phone number: (705) 945-1006
Fax number: (705) 945-0254
Pharmacy at Metro150 Churchill Blvd
Sault Ste. Marie  P6A 3Z9
Phone number: (705) 254-7070
Fax number: (705) 254-1881


Pharmacy at Metro15 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough  M1R 4B7
Phone number: (416) 447-3434
Fax number: (416) 447-6446
Drug Basics Pharmacy5085 Sheppard Avenue East
Scarborough  M1S 4N8
Phone number: (416) 293-0741
Fax number: (416) 293-1663
Drug Basics Pharmacy2900 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough  M1E 4B8
Phone number: (416) 281-0505
Fax number: (416) 281-6336
Drug Basics Pharmacy1571 Sandhurst Circle
Scarborough  M1V 1V2
Phone number: (416) 609-2300
Fax number: (416) 609-3400


Drug Basics Pharmacy275 Geneva Street
St. Catharines  L2N 2E9
Phone number: (905) 935-3404
Fax number: (905) 935-7493


Pharmacy at Metro5612 Main Street
Stouffville  L4A 8B7
Phone number: (905) 642-8600
Fax number: (905) 642-8900


Drug Basics Pharmacy925 Ontario Street
Stratford  N5A 6W5
Phone number: (519) 271-4555
Fax number: (519) 273-2380


Pharmacy at Metro900 Lasalle Boulevard
Sudbury  P3A 5W8
Phone number: (705)560-1157
Fax number: (705)560-7321
Drug Basics Pharmacy1875 Regent Street South
Sudbury  P3E 3Z7
Phone number: (705) 523-9994
Fax number: (705) 522-2866


Pharmacy at Metro640 River Street
Thunder Bay  P7A 3S4
Phone number: (807) 344-1040
Fax number: (807) 344-1932


Pharmacy at Metro3221 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto  M1J 2H7
Phone number: (416) 261-4808
Fax number: (416) 261-5229
Pharmacy at Metro16 William Kitchen Boulevard
Toronto  M1P 5B7
Phone number: (416) 321-0500
Fax number: (416) 321-8443
Pharmacy at Metro3003 Danforth Avenue
Toronto  M4C 1M9
Phone number: (416) 686-8484
Fax number: (416) 686-8787
Pharmacy at Metro80 Front Street East
Toronto  M5E 1T4
Phone number: (416) 203-9292
Fax number: (416) 203-4121
Pharmacy at Metro100 Lynn Williams Street
Toronto  M6K 3N6
Phone number: (416) 588-1300
Fax number: (416) 588-3300
Pharmacy at Metro2155 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto  M6N 1K5
Phone number: (416) 762-7300
Fax number: (416) 762-7700


Pharmacy at Metro70 Thickson Road South
Whitby  L1N 7T2
Phone number: (905) 668-5334
Fax number: (905) 668-8875
Pharmacy at Metro4111 Thickson Road North
Whitby  L1R 2X3
Phone number: (905) 655-1553
Fax number: (905) 655-1556


Drug Basics Pharmacy2452 Sheppard Avenue East
Willowdale  M2J 1X1
Phone number: (416) 493-5552
Fax number: (416) 493-6665