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You can modify these options at any time in the “Fast Checkout” section of your account.

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My Kind of Savings

My kind of savings

On October 1, we launched the My kind of savings program to give our customers more and provide them with the best shopping experience possible. The program offers customers 4 different ways to save.

Discover the program


At Metro, we want to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible and we always want to give them more. The My kind of savings program offers customers 4 easy ways to save: weekly specials, my grocer's low prices, discover and save, and metro&moi savings.

It's a program that has been specifically created to always offer customers great prices on the products they love, while maximizing the value of what they put in their shopping cart.

Rebates are easier to spot in store thanks to coloured labels.

It’s also an added value program thanks to discover and save which allows our customers to discover lots of new products at reduced prices.

In addition to point m points and all the other benefits metro&moi members enjoy, they can also get exclusive prices on specially selected products thanks to metro&moisavings.

Weekly deals

Weekly deals (red label) are the best rebates that are listed in your weekly flyer.

Weekly deals

Weekly deals last for one week and correspond to the rebates listed in the flyer (Thursday to Wednesday every week).

We’ve rounded out the savings listed to make it easier to read our labels. The savings displayed are always equal or lower than the actual savings.

My grocer's low prices

My grocer's low prices are used to identify essential everyday and seasonal products, as well as products from our Selection brand with prices that have been lowered for a short or long period, or products with locked down low prices.

  • A short-term low price is available for 2 to 8 weeks and can be spotted in store by a yellow label.
    short term low price



  • A long-term low price is a rebate with no planned end date, it can be spotted in store with a yellow and white label.
    Long term low price


My grocer's low prices are not necessarily rebates, but long-term low prices. That's why the price on the regular label is the same as the one on the low price label.

After reading comments we received, we created a specific price label to highlight long-term regular low prices. Starting on Thursday, October 30, this new label will replace them.

You’ll be able to easily see the regular price label and the Everyday stamp means you enjoy this regular low price, every day.

Long term low price

Discover and save

Discover and save (green label) offers rebates on new, healthy, or organic products or ones from our Irresistibles brand.

Discover and save

Discover and save rebates last from 2 to 6 weeks and vary from one product to the next.

metro&moi savings

metro&moi savings are exclusive prices on products selected for metro&moi members. They’ll be able to enjoy instant savings by simply presenting their metro&moi card at checkout.

metro&moi savings

Yes, you must get your receipt stamped at the courtesy counter. You must then go back to the courtesy counter within 14 days with your receipt(s) and membership card to get a reimbursement.

We've picked products that our metro&moi members love. In fact, as a member you’ll be able to find hundreds of exclusive low prices..

This is a great advantage for metro&moi members in addition to the point m points, personalized coupons, and rewards that are already offered. In order to provide our customers with the best prices, we've decided to provide our metro&moi members with exclusive prices on selected products.

You need to sign up to the program to take advantage of exclusive metro&moi. prices. You can sign up to this rewards program on metro's website ( or in store:

  • Sign up at
    After filling out the online form, the new metro&moi member will receive a temporary card by email. The member can then print the card and start using it right away to earn points and take advantage of metro&moi savings before receiving the permanent membership card in the mail.
  • Sign up in store
    After filling out the form in the store, the newmetro&moimember will get their permanent membership card and can start using it right away to earn points and take advantage of metro&moisavings.