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My Health My Choices

Attributes are characteristics of the products you choose.

They’re designed to help you find grocery items that suit your lifestyle, dietary restrictions, and needs.

For example, the gluten-free attribute can be found on certain gluten-free products. Metro has identified close to 50 attributes that will help guide your grocery shopping experience.

Check the all the attributes.

Every product in the My Health My Choices guide can have up to 50 available attributes. To make shopping faster and easier, only the 3 most relevant attributes are displayed on in-store labels.

However, up to 10 attributes will be displayed on Metro’s online grocery product pages. Certain rules have been established to ensure that product attributes are varied and relevant.

For example, iron-related attributes will not be applied to chocolate products, even though they contain iron. Plus, a product with the vegan attribute cannot also have the vegetarian attribute.

The following attribute labels can only be found on products from Metro’s private brands (Irresistibles, Irresistibles Organics, Naturalia, and Selection):

No added sugar, Very high source of fibre, High source of fibre, Source of fibre, Sodium-free, Source of protein, Low in cholesterol, and Fat-free.

This choice was made to maintain the integrity and validity of the data, and to ensure regulation of these specific attributes.

The attributes are intended to help you make the best choices based on your needs.

It's important to remember that you should always read the Nutrition Facts table and ingredient list to select the healthiest products for you and your family.

Attributes can be found on in-store labels, which can display up to 3 attributes if no other promotion is running at the same time.

If you’re shopping in-store and want to learn more about certain products, scan the product barcode from the Metro app's search engine or search for to see up to 10 attributes per product.

It’s not currently possible to view a full list of attributes if a product has more than 10.

Most of the products in the produce, meat, fish, and bulk departments do not have attributes. This is because the My Health My Choices guide is based on, among other things, nutrition facts tables and ingredients lists, which are often unavailable in those categories.

Only products with a UPC code, an ingredients list, and a nutrition facts table can have attributes.

Variable-weight products, store-made products, bulk products, non-food products, and alcohol are not analyzed.

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