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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the platform used (web or app), when you click on the login icon to one of your accounts, you are automatically redirected to a moiID login page. If you have a moiID account, you authenticate yourself with your moiID identifier (email and password). Otherwise, you must create your moiID account to be able to establish the connection. You are then automatically returned to the home page from where you initiated the request to access your account.

Watch our informative video to easily sign in.

  • Sign in to your account, then click on your name, then click on My account.
  • Click on My AIR MILES® Card.
  • Enter your card number in the field provided and other mandatory information marked with a * and click on Add My Card.

To change your delivery address(es), log in to your account, access your profile (My account), then click on ""My online purchasing preferences"" to complete your changes.

To change your personal contact information, log in to your account, access your profile (My account), then click on ""My profile"" to complete your changes.

To change your address in the AIR MILES® program, visit the partner's website.

Click "Forgot your password?". A temporary password will be sent to you by email.

Once logged into your account, we recommend that you change this password to create a personal one.

If you don't remember your password, click "Forgot your password" to reset it. Othewise, contact Customer Service.

To change your newletter subscriptions from metro and/or its partners, log in to your account, access your profile (My account), then click on "My communication preferences" to complete your changes.

  • If you have a account, sign in and select "Flyer and Coupons" from the main menu. Then click on "See this week’s flyer": the current flyer for your Metro store will be displayed.
  • You can also view the flyer even if you don’t have a account. To do so, click on "Flyer and Coupons", select your store, then click on "See this week’s flyer".

To change the Metro grocery store assigned to you, log in to your account, access your profile (My Account), then click on "My favourite store" to select a new one.

To replace the number of your AIR MILES® card associated with your profile.

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