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Guaranteed freshness you can trace from the catch to the plate

Guaranteed traceability of your seafood

At Metro, we ensure freshness and follow the traceability of our seafood selection, at every steps of the process, from the fishing or farming zone to your plate. We make sure to know the species you bought, the provenance of your seafood and how it was caught or farmed. You can therefore be sure of the authenticity of your products’ traceability information.

Our 3 big steps from the catch to your plate!

We promote responsible fisheries and aquaculture practices that do not endanger the health of the species or the integrity of natural environments.

Since 2010, a rigorous traceability system has been implement to document the supply chain from the fishing zone or farm to your plate.

Discover more than a hundred fresh and traceable fish and seafood products. Find them with our informative labels system or ask for advices to our fishmongers!

Look for the traceability in store

Find the Freshness You Can Trace sticker to identify fish and seafood for which we guarantee the traceability.

  • Scientific name
  • Provenance of the seafood
  • Type of fishing or farming
  • Scientific name
  • Provenance of the seafood
  • Type of fishing or farming

Track your fish

Select a species


For an even more memorable meal, take a look at the recommended food and wine pairings for each of these recipes!

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Our Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy

The policy is designed to oversee our procurement practices and foster the adoption of responsible, ethical fisheries and aquaculture practices. It is built around five procurement principles.

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