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Local Purchasing Policy

Local purchasing policy

Our Commitment
​Metro Ontario has made a formal commitment to bring our customers more local products in-store.

Achat local en Ontario - carte

Our Principles

Our three guiding principles will allow us to optimize the access and promotion of local products, making the company:

1A unique showcase for regional products

2A key partner of Foodland Ontario and associations that promote Ontario products

3A key partner for innovative suppliers

About our policy:

  • The Local Sourcing policy is part of Metro’s corporate responsibility policy approach and adds another layer to its mandate for responsible sourcing.
  • Metro is the only Canadian food distributor to adopt such a policy using the proposed approach.
  • The policy will reinforce Metro Ontario’s commitment to showcasing local products in its stores, strengthening relationships with local suppliers and Foodland Ontario.
  • The local sourcing policy will launch in Southwestern Ontario (London – Windsor region) on June 15, 2017. The policy will continue to be extended to other markets in the province.

To find out more about our local Purchasing policy, click here.

Purchasing policy

Behind the scenes with Jessica Mulroney

Video - Jessica Mulroney Food Journey

Freeman Herbs

Check out what Jessica Mulroney is up to at Freeman Herbs and learn more about how these local organic herbs are grown.

Video - Jessica Mulroney Food Journey

Scotlynn Farms

Check out Jessica Mulroney at Scotlynn Farms and learn more about delicious corn!

Video - Jessica Mulroney Food Journey

Canned Tomatoes

Watch Jessica Mulroney as she spends the day at a local Ontario farm to learn more about how fresh tomatoes are canned!

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Metro Ontario has adopted a local purchasing policy for its agri-food products to optimize the accessibility and promotion of local products.