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Hémisphère Wines

Discover our exclusive wines from prestigious terroirs, recommended by sommelier Patrice Tinguy.

Chardonnay, Australia

This brilliant rich yellow wine presents deep aromas of toast, poached pear and ripe pineapple, with delicate notes of lightly toasted butter, vanilla and wood. It is nicely round in the mouth, with a fine acidity that heightens its freshness.

Pairs as nicely with seafood as with white meats or pasta with mushroom cream sauce.

Shiraz, Australia

This wine, with its rich purple hue, features a distinctive nose of blackberry, blackcurrant and cherry, with notes of vanilla and toast. It is well structured and supple in the mouth, with delicate tannins.

A perfect accompaniment to red meat (sautéed or grilled), braised lamb shank or saucy meat stews.

Merlot, France

This is a bold, fruity wine with floral highlights. Delicately oaked and medium-bodied, its tannins are subtle in the mouth, with a somewhat sweet-peppery finish.

A fine accompaniment to poultry, grilled meats and mild cheeses.

Colombard and White Sauvignon, France

Harvested from hillside vineyards, this wine has a pleasantly aromatic bouquet. The mouth is crisp and fruity, with hints of herb.

It provides welcome accompaniment to fish, seafood and goat cheeses.

Winner of PLMA’s 2017 International Salute to Excellence Award in the Special Selection category.

Syrah, France

This wine reveals a distinctly fragrant nose with pronounced fruity notes. A lively wine, it is full bodied in the mouth, with flavours of red fruit and raspberry that give way to a nicely sustained finish.

Enjoy it with grilled meats, chef salads and pasta with tomato-flavoured sauce or simply as an aperitif.

Montepulciano, Italy

This is a generous wine, with a palette of ripe fruit, spice and leather. Full-bodied, robust and decidedly fruity in the mouth.

It provides perfect accompaniment to meat-based pasta sauces and roasted meats.

Chardonnay and Syrah, United States

Where this wine comes from, the days are hot and the nights mild—perfect conditions for growing fully mature grapes. Characterized by a black-fruit bouquet with tones of oak and jam, it is generous in the mouth, rich with ripe tannins, and finishes with dark chocolate and roasted notes.

Excellent with broiled or braised meats, cold cuts and moderately strong cheeses.

Réserve - Cabernet Sauvignon, United States

Hémisphère Réserve is a fine quality wine that satisfies the most delicate palate. Harvested in a small United States vineyard, this red wine delivers intense aromas of black cherry, prune and chocolate. In the mouth, this wine reveals rich fruit flavours. Its long and luxurious finale is well structured.

Excellent with grilled meats and semi-strong cheese.

Réserve - Chardonnay, United States

Hémisphère Réserve is a fine quality wine that satisfies the most delicate palate. Harvested in renowned United States vineyards, this fresh white wine features aromas of pineapple and well-matured melons with subtle presence of vanilla and lightly toasted bread. Delicate and refined in the mouth, it offers a perfect balance between its roundness and freshness. Enjoy its long and intense finale.

A perfect match for all types of white meats or fish.