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Irresistibles Naturalia

Irresistibles - Naturalia Products

Irresistibles Naturalia is a range of healthy, affordable products. In other words, these products do not contain any colouring, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavours or sugars. Irresistibles Naturalia is a symbol of our dedication to transparency with straightforward ingredients that taste incredible.


With Irresistibles Naturalia, you can rest assured that the products you enjoy contain simple, understandable ingredients.


Moreover, every product clearly lists what makes it different.


Zoom Irresistible Mieux-être

Naturalia, Mother Nature in your kitchen


La ferme des Voltigeurs

Discover our range of Irresistibles Naturalia chicken created in association with the Ferme des Voltigeurs in Drummondville.

Irresistibles Naturalia - Poulet de grain
Irresistibles Naturalia - Poulet de grain
  • 100% vegetable grain fed

  • Air chilled – for a product that’s fresher, longer

  • Free-range

  • Practical freshness packaging

  • Agro-Com verified