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     Metro recommends cocoa

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    Healthy Cocoa Bliss Other recipes

    Boules de bonheur au cacaoHealthy Cocoa Bliss

    If you have sudden sugar cravings in the afternoon, here is a recipe that will keep you from diving into a bag of chips or devouring a mass-produced chocolate bar. Quick and easy to prepare, these blissful balls, chock-full of nuts and seeds, are filling, nourishing, energizing and simply delicious!

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    My heart melts for chocolate
    Here are a few chocolatey suggestions for a perfect blend of pleasure and nutrition:

    Back to the source Back to the source

    Enjoy a hot chocolate the way the Aztecs did by adding spices like
    vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, star anise or a pinch of cayenne.

    Cocoa on the quick! Cocoa on the quick!

    In the blink of an eye, cocoa can transform your eating habits! Add a
    little cocoa to Greek vanilla yogurt to create a nutritious and chocolatey
    dip for fruit, or combine slices of frozen banana with cocoa for a refreshing
    frozen dessert.

    A truly magic powder A truly magic powder

    Powdered cocoa enhances so many foods and recipes, solid or liquid,
    sweet or savoury! Added to milk or a smoothie as a snack or for breakfast,
    sprinkled on sliced fruit baked into chips, or combined with mushroom
    ​breading around a piece of meat…delectable!