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High Performance Diet


Whether you’re a weekend athlete or a top-level champion, enjoying a healthy diet with plenty of variety is one of the best ways to ensure optimum physical performance.

All sports have their own particular requirements, but the five general tips below apply before any competition.

Granola + yogourt + fruits

1A few days before the competition

load up on carbohydrates (bread, muffins, pasta, rice, cereals, potatoes) to increase energy-producing muscle glycogen stores. By carbo-loading builds, you’ll build fuel reserves for your muscles and avoid the early onset of fatigue.

2Eat familiar foods

and limit your intake of gas-producing foods (garlic, cabbage, broccoli), spicy foods and high-fibre foods (prunes, legumes) that could hinder digestion.

3Avoid excess caffeine

(tea, coffee, soft drinks, cocoa-based products, some drugs) that can produce headaches, anxiety, tremors and insomnia. Caffeine is a diuretic that increases the flow of urine and consequently the risk of dehydration.

4The last meal prior to the competition

should be eaten at least 3 to 4 hours beforehand. It should be easy to digest and high in carbohydrates (ex.: bagel with light cream cheese + fruit juice + yogurt + 1 homemade oatmeal cookie). Limit intake of fatty foods that slow down the digestive process. To avoid fatigue, don’t have any concentrated sugar (soft drinks, chocolate, honey, candy), which are quickly absorbed by the body, in the hour preceding the competition’s start.

5Drinking fluids before, during and after physical activity is very important.

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