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     Metro recommends sesame

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    Chewy Cranberry-Nut
    Energy Bars
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    Chewy Cranberry-Nut Energy BarsChewy Cranberry-Nut Energy Bars

    Say “open sesame” to these granola bars packed with nutrients. This one-bowl wonder whips up in a snap, and is perfect for baking with the whole family during school breaks. Kids love them (and parents too)!

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    Tips and tricks on sesame

    Sesame oil Sesame oil

    Sesame oil has a rich flavour that’s subtle yet distinctive. Ideal for the
    wok, it is the king of Asian and Indian cuisines. You can also use it in
    salad dressing or to cook an omelette. Remember that the flavour of
    sesame ​oil is pronounced, so use it sparingly!

    Sesame butter (tahini) Sesame butter (tahini)

    Have you ever used tahini? It’s a paste made by grinding toasted sesame
    seeds with a little vegetable oil. We see it most commonly in hummus, but
    you can also use it to flavour or thicken soup, to make a sauce for chicken,
    to put a new spin on ravioli filling or in vinaigrettes to give your salads or
    grilled vegetables an Asian flair.

    Sesame seeds Sesame seeds

    Sesame seeds come in white and black varieties. Toast them for a few
    minutes in the oven or a dry skillet to bring out their nutty goodness.
    Sesame seeds are delicious in carrot salad, beef stir-fry or quiche, as
    a crust for fish, tossed into fried rice at the last minute, or to add texture
    to a creamy vinaigrette. Or perhaps you’d like to indulge in a sesame bar?