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    Metro recommends dates

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    Chocolate Date
    Hazelnut Spread
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    Chocolate Date Hazelnut SpreadChocolate Date Hazelnut Spread

    You won’t be able to resist the rich taste and velvety texture of this delicious chocolate spread! This nutritious recipe contains only healthy ingredients and is a cinch to prepare. Serve on whole-wheat toast with banana and a glass of milk for a balanced and super tasty breakfast! It keeps for about 2 weeks in the fridge.

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    Tips and tricks on dates

    Fresh and dried Fresh and dried

    For active and athletic people, fresh and dried dates are an excellent way to provide your body with the energy and carbohydrates it needs.

    Dried and finely  Dried and finely 

    Dried and finely chopped dates can be used instead of raisins or other dried fruits in a number of recipes.

    Date paste  Date paste 

    In many recipes, date paste is a good substitute for sugar, adding a rich texture and delicate flavour. Easy to prepare, it enhances the taste of yogurt and smoothies and can tone down the acidity of tomato sauce.