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    Metro recommends kale

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    Kale Millet Pilaf Other recipes

    Kale Millet PilafKale Millet Pilaf

    In this delectable recipe, orange zest and rosemary enhance the taste of kale. This colourful dish will become your go-to accompaniment for meat and fish. It’s a tasty way to discover the little-known wonders of nutritious kale and millet.

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    Tips and tricks on Kale

    Kale: baked as chips Baked as chips

    Use roasted sesame oil and replace the salt with a bit of soy sauce for an Asian-inspired version, or season with smoked paprika, curry powder, or herbes de Provence.

    Try our recipe for Crispy Kale Chips.

    Kale: cooked Cooked

    Steamed: Steam for about 5 minutes and enjoy as is or with a touch of homemade vinaigrette.

    Sauté: Sauté kale in a frying pan with some olive oil and garlic. Add salt and pepper and it’s ready to eat. It’s that simple!

    In a soup or a quiche: Versatile food par excellence, kale can be used instead of spinach in most recipes. It also adds colour and nutrients to many dishes.

    Kale: raw Raw

    To take advantage of all its nutrients, it’s best to eat kale raw. Try the salad, smoothie and as pesto.