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     Metro recommends egg

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    Always having eggs on hand is such a convenient way to concoct nutritious lunches for work or school! Here are some quick recipes that you’ll have fun making and eating.

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    Tips and tricks on egg

    The acrobatic food: simple, fast and versatile 

    Everyone is scrambling for eggs!

    The acrobatic food: simple, fast and versatile
    Eggs are an essential, must-have ingredient in the kitchen. They are
    very multi-purpose: use eggs to make emulsions in salad dressings
    and mayonnaise, thicken sauces with the yolk or whip up a meringue
    with the whites. Whether you eat them soft-boiled, hard-boiled,
    poached or fried, eggs are simply delicious!

    Soft-boiled please! Soft-boiled please!

    Since the egg yolk coagulates at a higher temperature than the egg white,
    many recipes feature a soft, creamy yolk under a nice, firm egg white for an
    appetizing look and taste. Soft-boiled eggs can be prepared ahead of time
    and paired with raw vegetables as a quick, healthy snack for active people.

    Sesame seeds Sesame seeds

    Sesame seeds come in white and black varieties. Toast them for a few
    minutes in the oven or a dry skillet to bring out their nutty goodness.
    Sesame seeds are delicious in carrot salad, beef stir-fry or quiche, as
    a crust for fish, tossed into fried rice at the last minute, or to add texture
    to a creamy vinaigrette. Or perhaps you’d like to indulge in a sesame bar?



    Tips from the pros

    The egg: the food with (almost) super powers!

    “Should we eliminate eggs from our diet?” This is probably one of the questions
    I get asked most often. Cooking without eggs? That’s impossible! Chef Caroline
    McCann will tell you that the egg is as essential to cooking as Batman is to
    Gotham City! The egg is unique, always ready and super powerful.

        Linda Montpetit,
    Metro nutritionist

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