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    Metro recommends lentils

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    Veggie ballsVeggie balls

    When I want to serve tapas with a tasty twist, his is the recipe I turn to in my treasured recipe book… Dijon mustard makes them tender and adds a little zing, while goat’s cheese gives them a creamy consistency, and adding vegetables turns them into more substantial tapas. They can also e served as a main course, accompanied by homemade tomato sauce ​or fresh pesto. A sure-fire culinary treat!

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    Tips and tricks on lentils

    Lentils and legumes - plant proteins to behold! - Red, green or brown 

    Lentils and legumes - plant proteins to behold!

    Red, green or brown
    Dried red lentils are so practical - no need to pre-cook them before adding them to a dish. Just rinse them and toss them into tomato sauce for pasta or into soups. High in protein, brown and green lentils replace some of the benefits of minced meat in  almost all recipes. For just pennies, you can trim off the fat in your diet - without compromising on taste!

    No matter how you slice or dice it! No matter how you slice or dice it!

    With the versatility of lentils, you can let your culinary talents run wild!
    The sky’s the limit when it comes to using lentils to make soups, purées,
    dips, veggie balls, stews, curries, salads or dhal. Since lentils go so well
    with ras el hanout, cumin, coconut milk, tomato, salmon, sausages or
    shallots, the culinary combinations are boundless!

    Lentil salad in a snap! Lentil salad in a snap!

    For a quick and delicious main-course salad, combine cooked lentils,
    mixed vegetables (frozen veggies are perfect, so get into the habit of
    always having some ready to defrost!), a few fresh herbs, onions, spices
    and your favourite vinaigrette. And if you happen to have some cooked
    quinoa or rice in the fridge, toss that in too for a hearty meal, and a great
    way to use those leftovers!


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