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     Metro recommends tofu

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    Strawberry Trifles Other recipes

    Strawberry TriflesStrawberry Trifles

    This strawberry trifle will please everyone, even those who fear desserts with tofu. With its soft texture, the strawberry mousse is refreshing and tasty. The crispy crumble gives a crunchy texture to this re-invented trifle!

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    Tips and tricks on tofu

    Silk tofu Silk tofu

    Use silk tofu

    • In smoothies to increase the amount of proteins.
    • To replace cream in rosé sauce preparation.
    • In homemade sorbet to increase the nutritional value.
    • In a mousse: combine season fruits with tofu in a mixer.
      Add honey or maple syrup, to taste.
    • To make a “creamy” vinaigrette with tofu.
    • In a panna cotta. Note that it’s not necessary to add gelatine
      ​if tofu is added in the ingredients.


    Tips from the pros

    To snack or not to snack, that is the question

    To avoid eating additional calories in a day, we often restrain from having a snack
    during the day. It’s also common to have a snack, even though we’re not hungry.
    In the first situation, you risk running low on energy during the day and having a
    hungry stomach in mode “urgent need of calories”. Fries certainly become more
    appetizing than a spinach salad. We then tend to eat bigger quantities faster. At
    the end of the day, you didn’t necessarily eat less calories. 

        Linda Montpetit,
    Metro nutritionist