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Platinum Grill

Angus beef

Metro is proud of its exclusive Platinum Grill Angus beef brand. Delivering the finest beef everyt ime. Made from 100% Canadian AAA Angus beef, all our beef is full of flavour, incredibly tender and very juicy. ​Delivering the finest beef every time.

Easy to prepare with fine cuts of beef

The Platinum Grill Angus beef brand is your guarantee of premium beef. Offering a wide variety of cuts providing generous marbling, superior taste, exceptional tenderness and consistency. For all true meat lovers try Platinum Grill Angus beef today!

Always choose your beef according to its marbling. Marbling (or flecks of fat within the meat) is key to a great cut of meat. Platinum Grill Angus beef is among the highest grades and Canadian AAA has a generous amount of marbling. The more marbling it contains the better cut of meat it is and the most tender.

Platinum Grill Angus beef carries a variety of fine cuts of meat with more marbling than others. The rib steak and prime rib roast for example are among the most marbled and ideal for roasting or grilling. Depending on your cooking method and dish Platinum Grill Angus beef will have the right cut for you.

Platinum Grill Angus Beef

How to cook a roast

Follow our 10 easy steps to learn how to cook a perfect roast!


Exceptional Meat

Our Platinum Grill Angus beef brand is prepared according to the highest standards of quality. Meat lovers will have an incredible gastronomic experience with every bite.

Beef: Exceptional Meat

Taste the difference:

  • Canada AAA grade
  • Aged minimum 14 days for a tender and juicy meat
  • Steakhouse quality
  • Delicately hand cut by passionate and experienced expert butchers
  • More marbling for more tenderness
  • Grain-fed; the best cattle farms to obtain the richest flavour

Get your Platinum Grill Angus beef right every time

Platinum Grill Angus beef is always full of flavour and requires very little seasoning or none at all.

Here’s a quick tip on cooking a Platinum Grill Angus beef Striploin:

  • Before cooking a striploin, baste your beef with some olive oil and add salt and pepper.
  • To cook on the barbecue, lightly oil the grill, preheat at 200 °C (400 °F); cook with the top closed.
  • Cook for 5 to 7 min per side only turning the striploin, one time . For a medium striploin ensure the internal temp is 60-65C(140-145F).
  • Turn the meat only once, halfway through. Enjoy!


Cook your Platinum Grill Angus beef perfect every time

Beef Platinum Grill





 52-55˚C (125-130˚F)

 Mostly red


 55-60˚C (130-140˚F)

 Mostly pink with a red centre


 60-65˚C (140-145˚F)

 Pink throughout


 65-69˚C (150-155˚F)

 Mostly brown with a pink centre


 71-100˚C (160-212˚F)

 Brown throughout

Beef Cuts 


Beef Cuts

See all the Platinum Grill Angus Beef Cuts.

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