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Time-Saving Shortcuts for Holiday Classics

Pie, salads, donuts

Whether you have all evening to prepare your dish or can only spare an hour or two, use our time-saving shortcuts and tips to prepare your Holiday feast.



Do it yourself...

  • You can use one of your family’s recipes and add your own touch, such as decadent frostings and yummy toppings. If you want to try something new, use maple syrup or caramel frosting and add a sprinkling of salted nuts.
  • Why not go for a savoury donut appetizer? Start with a classic savoury dough recipe and then get creative. How about a fresh herb cream cheese filling with a topping of crispy bacon bits?

...or take a shortcut!

  • Buy some bite-sized donuts and use toothpicks to dip them into melted chocolate. As a final touch, decorate them with sprinkles, chopped nuts or coconut flakes.
  • Get sinfully glamorous! Build a pyramid out of store-bought donuts on an elegant cake stand and drizzle with chocolate sauce. Sprinkle with gold flakes to really make it exquisite.



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Romano Creamy Potatoes

2Side salads

Do it yourself...

  • No more macaroni salad! Different shapes, colours and flavours of pasta—such as beetroot infused penne or spinach gemelli—are an instant way to add flavour to a pasta salad. Try adding bocconcini cheese or roasted vegetables for some bright flavours. Instead of mayonnaise, drizzle somedelicious fresh herb vinaigrette.
  • Prepare a creamy coleslaw using a yogurt dressing. Season with spices, add sunflower seeds and some dried fruits, such as cranberries. For an Asian twist, try bok choy and garnish with sesame seeds.

…or take a shortcut!

  • For a new look to your potato salad, use a medley of colourful potatoes. Save time by adding a creamy ranch vinaigrette and topping with pre-cooked bacon.
  • Carrots, celery, peppers and cubed prosciutto or salami save the day! Mix them into some cooked pasta with a creamy store-bought sauce and no one will notice the difference.


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Meat Pies

3Meat Pies

Do it yourself…

  • Use red wine, red ale or stout when braising your meat to add some robust flavour to your pie.
  • Try a delicious and hearty filling of potato and wild game such as bison or venison, and bake your pie in a cast iron skillet. Set it on the table and let your guests help themselves to a hot and comforting serving.

... or take a shortcut!

  • Grab some refrigerated or frozen pie dough and prepare some quick meat pies in a muffin tin. Line the tins with dough, scoop in some meat filling and slide them into the oven. Topping them with pie crusts is optional!
  • Cocktail hour just got a little more gourmet with these creative meat pie verrine appetizers. Scoop some meat filling into glasses and top with a local fruit chutney. Finish it off with a star-shaped biscuit of cooked pie dough for a simple and eye-catching appetizer.


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