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My Spoonful of Happiness

With so many holiday food traditions, a nutritious approach to breakfast is a most welcome break. But that doesn’t mean giving up on flavour or decadent texture! Think of plain Oikos Greek yogurt (in either 4% or 2%) as a dreamy, creamy blank canvas to create whatever you might be craving.

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Discover tips to liven up these holiday traditions!

Go Sweet - Blueberries, coconut and a drizzle of maple syrup? Granola with pecans and strawberries? For a sweet take on breakfast—or a nutritious snack anytime the mood strikes!—add your favourite combination of toppings to a bowl of Oikos Greek yogurt. Hint: DIY is always a hit with kids, and this is sure to get them eating (and loving!) plain yogurt.

Go Savoury - Want to lighten up everyday dishes? Most recipes calling for mayonnaise or sour cream—including dips, dressings and baked goods—will turn out perfectly if you sub in plain Oikos Greek yogurt.

Make these great recipes part of your Holiday tradition.

RecipeGrilled banana

 10 min



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