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My warm-their-hearts tradition

Is there anything better than a day spent skating, sledding, building forts or simply strolling through the winter wonderland? Actually, there is: warming those cheeks by enjoying a cozy, comforting dish.

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Discover tips to liven up these holiday traditions!

Team sweet - Hot chocolate is a long-time favourite that should never, ever be dismissed. That being said, let’s face it, even hot cocoa could use an upgrade. For an unexpected twist, add chai, mint or, for the grownup crowd, a splash of liqueur.

Team savoury - Make the slow cooker your ultimate ally during the cold-weather fun times. While you build snowmen or hit the slopes, it will be inside your home, slowly simmering a hearty soup, chilli or roast. The mouth-watering smell will waft through your home while the slow-cooked flavours keep you coming back for more.

Make these delicious recipes part of your Holiday tradition.



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